Vallejo Feels the Bern

By: Eliza Partika

“To be honest, I didn’t know there were this many people in Vallejo.” Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s simple, humorous statement began the rally that took place at the Vallejo Waterfront on May 18, 2016. This rally was a historic event, not only because Mr. Sanders was speaking, but because the rally took place in Vallejo, not a big city like San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, or even Sanders’s other May 18th campaign stop, San Jose. But, then again, Sanders has never been a traditionalist candidate.


The Sanders campaign didn’t sell any buttons or t-shirts, although there were many street vendors selling Bernie souvenirs; instead, Sanders chose to sell his ideas. There was a casual excitement pulsing through the attendees; people holding #Trump2016 signs were not rebuked, even to the point where “Love Trump” buttons were being sold by the vendors. It was overall very peaceful, evoking Sanders’s push for American togetherness and acceptance of diversity, even extending to politics.


    First on Sanders’s agenda was to address the minimum wage and what he called the “rigged economy”, when the top 1/10th of the richest 1% of people earn more than the bottom 90% of Americans. He promised to create an economy that would “work for all of us, not just the top 1%” by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, a process that has already been proposed through the Fair Wage Act of 2016. The minimum wage would increase by $1 every year until it reaches $15 in 2022, according to an article published in April 2016 by ABC News. This is a key point of Sanders’s and something that is important to the voters in Solano County that attended the rally, as many people in that area work at or just above minimum wage. It is also getting increasingly more expensive to live close to San Francisco because of the city’s tech industry boom, so people are anxious to make a living wage.


Although many people find Sanders’s viewpoints radical, there is truth in it. If he does succeed in significantly lowering student debt, then it will result in an educated workforce that will be able to choose where to put their money rather than having to send it back to the government in the form of student loans. “I want [every student] to understand that if they study hard, regardless of income they will go to college.” Is that so radical of a viewpoint? Young people would be much better off knowing that they were not going to be punished for trying to receive a college education.


“We will win because we are telling people the truth, something unusual in politics.” Bernie said. He took that opportunity to mention his opponent Donald Trump, emphasizing that we must take pride in our diversity, not use it as a tool to divide the public, as Trump has done. This hit home with those present at the rally, as Vallejo is the most diverse city in California, according to a Vallejo Times Herald Article publicizing several studies on the matter, including one from Brown University. Mr. Sanders tactfully quoted Lincoln, advocating a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


Sanders addressed every major minority group’s issues, saying he would fund a “comprehensive immigration bill” that would allow hard-working hispanic families to stay in the United States and ban deportation. “Our job is to unite families, not divide them.” Sanders said, adding that he will use executive actions against Congress if they do not pass it. He advocated for the end of police militarization and a police force conscious of diversity, stating that as mayor, he worked with many decent police officers, but officers who act maliciously should be punished.


He stepped out on the limb to acknowledge the “profound lessons” that the Native American population had taught us. That as human beings, we’re part of nature and if we continue destroying the planet, we will destroy ourselves. This could be taken several ways. Americans are destructive in their consumerism as well as our compulsive destruction of the environment we live in, which have lead to many, if not all the problems we are experiencing in America today, precisely the ones Sanders is looking to repair.  “We owe the Native American people, the first Americans, a debt of gratitude that we can never repay.” Sanders said of their infinitely valuable lessons.


“One hundred years ago, the establishment said to women, ‘Your job is to stay home and have babies,’ but women stood up and fought back and they said ‘you will not define us. We will define ourselves, and women will not be second class citizens.’” Sanders said of the fight for women’s rights in America over the years. Although they have won the right to vote, and equal opportunity at education, women are still paid less than men in the workplace. Sanders argued against this in support of equal pay for women later in the speech.


Sanders also cited the legalization of gay marriage as an example of powerful change that took place through the “courage” of everyday citizens who wanted the freedom to love.


“The establishment wants to make people feel that real change can never take place. What I’m seeing in this country today from California to Maine, is people looking at the status quo and what they are seeing is something they want to change.” Sanders said in the closing of his speech. “They are seeing women making $0.79 on the dollar and they are saying unacceptable.” Bernie continued to list examples of injustices, followed by a chorus of thousands in agreement that the amount of injustice dealt to the regular people by the establishment is “unacceptable”.


The power behind Bernie’s words resonated through the Waterfront, just as his policies have the potential to resonate through history if he is elected. “If we stand together, as brothers and sisters, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.” said the closing lines of Mr. Sander’s speech. If he can make as many people as he did in Vallejo “feel the Bern” then he might just accomplish that change.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Rally In Bay Area

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Work Out Machine Guide

By:  Lily Hayward

In America more than half of the population is considered to be overweight. With this many people having the same issue, you would think that there would be a special place for these  people to go to relieve themselve of the evil villain known as fat.

Well for those ignorant to the sciences of weight loss, there is such a place. It’s called a gym. In the so called “gym” , the floors are littered with machines that can assist those making the pilgrimage to a fitter life. One of the main types of exercise machines and types is weight training

Weight training consists of thrusting heavy objects in various directions and degrees,these heavy objects are often called weights. Each weight or weight machine targets a different muscle. Whether the muscle you want to enhance is the upper body, central body, or lower body, there is a weight machine for you

Upper body weight machines include bench presses, chest presses, and the lat pull down. Bench presses specifically target your pectorals and the triceps. To start this workout you begin by lying flat on the bench and holding the bar with your hand shoulders width apart. Then bring the bar slowly towards your chest and proceed to straighten them while tightening your chest muscles. The next upper body machine is the chest press. This consists of two metal arms coming over your shoulders and in front of your chest. It targets the pectorals and triceps. First you must make sure that your back is pushed all the way to the machine and then you simply push the arms forward. The last upper body machine is known as the lat pull down. This exercise is where you will be able to gain bulk on your upper arms. First you sit on the bench facing the machine. Then grab the bar above your head and begin to pull down tightening your chest and arms. Doing this consistently will ensure that you gain the upper body of your dreams

If you are more focused on the core of your body, machines like the captain’s chair, rowing machine, and decline bench, are more tailored for your wants. The captain’s chair, though incredibly painful, is one of the best ways to gain the flat toned tummy of your dreams. To use the captain’s chair properly, put your hands and forearms on the resting pads and raise yourself off the floor until your arms form a right angle. Then proceed to fling your legs in outrageous directions until you can’t feel your pancreas. The next machine is called the rowing machine. Rowing machines work all parts of your body but engage your core muscles the most. First sit in the chair and hook your feet into the the board at the end of the machine. Then grab the handles, straighten your legs, and pull pack with your stomach and arms. The last core weight exercise is the decline bench. This is simply a bench that is sloped at an angle. Hook your feet under the pads and sit up holding a dumbbell. This exercise specifically targets your core.

For lower body exercises be sure to use the cable kickbacks, leg press, and leg abduction. Cable kickbacks are fairly simple, though they tend to cause as much pain as giving birth. You must first strap your ankle or foot to the cable of death. Hold on to the metal frame of the actual machine and begin to kick your leg back towards the wall. This was designed to specifically target the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. The leg press works similar muscles as doing squats. It works your quads, glutes and hamstrings. For this exercise sit and place your legs on the square metal plate in front of you. Bend your knees and slowly straighten your legs. The last exercise is leg abduction. This exercise focuses on your glutes and causes an insane amount of pain while using it. But if you are determined enough the pain will make way for the era of “Buns Of Steal”. First sit in the chair and put your feet on the foot rests. Then slowly spread your legs and but the weighted arms around your legs outwards.

A gym is a magical place filled with magical machines. You have now been educated on how to use these machines..

Sweating Saves The Day

By: Lily Hayward

Exercise, embarrassment, and hot weather, these are all things that can have the same glistening effect on our bodies. This layer of shiny liquid that starts to leak from our pores is known as sweat. For many, like Megan Saari (10), “It smells, it’s sticky, and it’s gross”. But the health and body activists of the world realize that sweat is actually a normal, healthy, and necessary body function, infact, in most cases sweating is good for you.

    First of all, sweat is composed of water and salts. Your body uses it to cool itself down when you begin to get over heated. This happens when you are exercising, embarrassed, or something as small as it being hot outside.  

    Your body also uses sweat as a way to clean out your pores. As you go through your day, dirt and dust attaches itself to your skin and can imbed itself in your pores, this is often what causes breakouts and acne to appear. When you sweat, you are actually pushing the toxins from your pores, this causes acne to somewhat disappear for the time being.

    We all have those people in our lives who are happy one second and on a reign of terror the next. Well lucky for you, sweat is here to help. According to Dr. Ting, a UC Irvine physician, sweating is a great way to get rid of moodiness. When you exercise, your body temperature rises and then sweat cools you down. This keeps your body temperature in the perfect range for stress free relaxation and the absence of mood swings.

    Sweating also helps the inside of your body too. A study done at the University of Washington shows that sweating reduces the risk of kidney stones. Kidney stones are made of the salt and calcium the did not get retained by bones or other tissues in the body. Through sweating these particles are released.

    So now you know, next time you are sweating and feel gross about it, just remember, sweating is a normal and healthy process that keeps your body functioning as it should.

How To Achieve A Positive Mindset

By: Sierra Clayton

Everyone has those days or weeks where nothing seems to go well and everything is wrong. Well the more one thinks negatively, the more they dwell on the worst parts of life. Thinking positively causes your immune system to be healthier and your body is capable of recuperating quicker.  However if one can discard the negative thoughts then their mindset will prosper into something wonderful.

One of the most important things needed to be positive is to surround yourself with positive people. How can you be positive if you constantly have negativity in your life? Try to distance yourself from those who only complain and try to find people who are happy. Not only will your mindset be better but you may find that you are a happier person anyways. Instead of hearing people gossip or compare themselves to others, you will hear compliments and may begin to think nicer thoughts about people rather than being judgemental.

The next way to a happier mind is to start appreciating the small pleasures in life. Too often we are focused on the big things in life such as, prom, college acceptance, or graduation, and while those are great and should be celebrated, they don’t come that often. So are you just supposed to be content living from one big event to another? No, start looking at the smaller things in life to bring happiness. Different things bring different people happiness, try to find what brings you joy. For some, it may be a sunset or sunrise, yoga, listening to music, or playing a sport. Find what is important to you and try to get the most from it, this way you will be able to be happy and not rely on big events.

A third way to a positive mind is to be productive. Sitting around all day, eating and watching Netflix can be fun sometimes but if you do it everyday you may start feeling down. Start doing stuff to make you feel as if you have achieved something. This could be anything from going on a run to simply cleaning your room, both are beneficial and will make you feel good. Once you feel like you have achieved something it may boost your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth.

According to a study conducted by nuns in 2001 at the University of Kentucky, those who have positive thoughts, live about ten years longer than those who think negatively.There are so many things to do to began feeling positive. You could dwell on everything that has gone wrong in your life or you can think of the positive, only one of these will bring joy to your life.

Healthy Recipe Of The Issue

By: Sierra Clayton


  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 Pound of Jumbo shrimp, shelled and deveined
  • 1 Tablespoon minced garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes (optional)
  • ¼ cup white wine
  • 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 medium zucchinis, cut into noodles
  • Chopped parsley, for garnish



  1. Place large sauté pan on the stove at medium-low heat. Add olive oil and heat for 1 minute. Add garlic and red pepper and cook for a minute, stirring constantly,
  2. Cook the shrimp in the same pan while stirring when needed. When they are pink on all sides, they are finished. That may take about 3 minutes.
  3. Season the shrimp with salt and pepper.
  4. Using a spoon, transfer the shrimp into a bowl and leave the liquid in the pan.
  5. Increase the heat to medium while adding the white wine and lemon juice to the pan. Use a wooden spoon to scrape any of the brown bits at the bottom of the pan and allow the white wine and lemon juice to cook for 2 minutes.
  6. Add the zucchini noodles and allow them to cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Return the shrimp to the pan to combine all ingredients.
  8. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with parsley.

Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles Recipe

Healthiest Foods

    The world is full of healthy food options, some of foods stand above all others on the health ladder. According to Health Magazine, the top three super foods consist of lemons, avocado, and broccoli.

    Believe it or not, these tiny yellow balls of sour, known as lemons, actually have numerous health benefits. For starters, lemons possesses the magical quality to cure and prevent disease. It’s is known to help with sore throats, indigestion, constipation, dental issues, and fever. Being more handy than an actual doctor, lemons are also at the top of the list for foods that help with colds and other sicknesses. But if you aren’t sick and just happen to be eating a lemon, you are still doing something wonderful for your health. Lemons are also good for your hair and skin, strengthens your immune system, cleanses your stomach and intestines, and purify your blood.

    The next food on the list are avocados. Known for their parts in dips and sauces, avocados are full of unknown health benefits. First of all, are insanely nutritious. Being classified as fruits, avocados are 8 ounces of nutrient power packed substance made for helping the body.  Avocados also have more potassium than a banana and they are high in countless other vitamins such as vitamin k, folate, vitamin c, vitamin B5 and B6, and finally vitamin E. It is also a source of healthy fats called Oleic Acids that have been proven to lower inflammation and risk of cancer. Finally avocados have loads of fiber that can help clear and cleanse your small and large intestines.

    The third healthiest food is broccoli. Since it is high in vitamins such as iron, vitamin c, vitamin k and other nutrients, broccoli is the chart topper when it comes to healthy foods. It can also help build and strengthen bones and muscle tissues. Broccoli also possess healing powers by helping repair broken tissues and cuts faster than if there was no broccoli in your diet.  

     Some foods are healthier than others;broccoli, avocados, and lemons are at the top of the healthiest food list.



World Health Day Focuses On Diabetes

By: Lorraine Bernal

Health is all the new talk lately. You see a higher percentage of health-enthusiasts on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media. Well, an official organization surrounding health is called World Health Organization, or WHO for short. The group was founded on April 7, 1948 to help get rid of unhealthy habits. Each year, they dedicate April 7 to something called “World Health Day”. Each World Health Day is centered around one health issue they want to promote. This year, participants will be focused on diabetes.

First of all, what’s diabetes? It is a chronic disease where the pancreas stops producing insulin (the sugar moderator), or when the body fails to properly use it. 62,000,000 Americans have diabetes; that’s 1 in every 5 Americans. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 is common in children and Type 2 is common in adults.

DIabetes is also a hereditary disease. This means that someone with a family history of diabetes is more likely to gain it than a person who doesn’t have it in their gene pool. Though keep in mind that if the latter (second) doesn’t treat their body well, they actually increase their chances of yielding the malady.

To reduce the risk of diabetes of either kind, consider being more active (exercise or walk), avoiding unhealthy food (overloaded fat, sodium, carbs, and calories), and sleeping earlier. First, being active will get your body moving, lessening body fat (a factor of diabetes). Second, looking more closely at what you’re eating will lessen your chances of having a sugar overdose. And third, sleeping earlier will be healthy for your body because your body will accept the insulin it receives rather than resist it.

Diabetes is a major problem across the world that affects about 371 million people. We should all try to lessen the number by doing the preventative measures needed.


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